Two magical words that you need in your sales presentation.

Every time I do sales presentation coaching, I ask a someone to give me an example. It usually goes like this. They have a good product or service and want to talk about how it works or how great it is. They will say it does this, we provide that, and I will say “for example”. The magical words “for example” should be coming out of your mouth too!

Giving your audience a real example is a magical communication tool because an example can:

  • Show proof that the product/service does what you say it does.
  • Connect the audience to the product/service, someone just like them gets the results they want from your service/product.
  • Give you a good opportunity gain some credibility by telling them who uses your products/services. (drop that big important name.)
  • Help clarify what you are saying, especially if what you are promoting is a little complex.
  • Lead into a story, your example should be in story form. Stories are very memorable. Being memorable is the goal of any presentation.

When you do tell that story about your product/service make sure that the client is the hero of the story.

As always, I’m interested in what your “magical “experience is when using examples.