What’s the most common question people hear right after a flight? I be it is” How was your flight?” The most frequent answer is probably… “good”. By good we mean uneventful, everyday, average, no problems, a completely forgettable experience. We don’t remember good flights.

What’s the most common comment after a presentation? I bet it is “good presentation”. I wonder if that is like “good flight”? An uneventful, everyday, OK, average, even forgettable experience.  No one remembers average, no one remembers “good”.

We remember amazing, impactful, moving, and insightful but not good. If you are pretty sure ahead of time that your presentation will only be “good”. Maybe try another method of communication. Just send an email with a report attached or some other way to get the information to your audience.

It takes a lot of work to make sure your presentations aren’t “good flights”. If you want to delivery something other than “good”, I can help you with that.

Joe Pops