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Get beyond lecturing

We know that audiences have limited attention spans. Plus, thousands of marketing and sales messages bombard them daily. Never mind all the other stuff going on in their daily lives. Sales professionals have to get beyond the sales lecture to be heard. Because lectures are boring for business audiences.

Lectures are boring in the business world because the lecture format exists to convey knowledge and understanding. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, lectures have been given to impart knowledge on the unknowing. Not that knowledge and understanding are not important, but your audience can easily get information about your product or service from your website, or YouTube, etc. There are dozens of sources of information available to them. A presentation given in a business setting, especially a sales setting, has to deliver more. It needs to be more of a discussion or conversation.

I believe lecture style presentations that are OK or even good may not be any more effective than handing out brochures. You know you can’t afford to be boring. Your sales presentation is, to use words from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, your shot. You don’t want to throw away your shot.

Sales presentations give you the chance to directly influence a purchase decision. And boring won’t do that, but I think you know that. My goal with this book is to help get you get beyond delivering OK or good sales lectures. I want to keep you from getting pulled and pushed down the path to boring. So avoiding delivering boring presentations is one good reason to use this book. Here are two more:

  • Your competitors are great at giving sales presentations.

  • Your competitors are not great at giving sales presentations.

By competitors, I mean another company or organization. If they are great, you have catching up to do. If they are not great, and odds are that they aren’t, you have a big opportunity in front of you.

The Boring Don’t Sell webinar series is focused on helping you create and deliver focused, interesting and above all else, memorable presentations. The webinar series includes  6 weekly webinars (1 hour to 45 minutes each) with optional one-on-one coaching sessions. The webinars review key components from the 4 groups of modern presentation design elements: Structural, Visual, Emotional and Theatrical.

The main goal of the series is to equip you with skills/knowledge in modern presentation design and delivery.  The things you need to get the most impact from your presentations.  Moving you away from lecturing and towards engaged communication, giving you a competitive advantage.

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