Are you nailing both of your presentation messages?

Presentations always have two messages. One is the true message of the presentation. It’s been called the core, big or main message or the key takeaway, “what I really want you to understand is”. The second “subliminal” message is about the person, group or organization presenting.

It’s interesting what you can say to an audience without saying it. Dry boring slides filled with lists of bullet points say something. A professional monotone delivery says something. Here’s what you can be saying without really knowing it, “I am (we are) not creative or fun or interesting.”  “You are not important enough for us to come up with something interesting and focused on you.” I would think any business pro would want to avoid these kinds of impressions like the plague.  No one wants to work with uninteresting, boring, non creative people who don’t care.

Make sure you nail both messages. That’s where I come in. Free consults just an email away.


Joe Pops