Some comments… from people who like what I do.

“Without question, you helped me “WIN” my portion of the presentation and I want you to know how grateful I am for everything I learned from you.  This is a HUGE RED ZONE account for us and getting over this first hurdle is fantastic!

Product Sales Specialist

For those that have taken up the challenge to change their game, I estimate that each person has won 2 deals each year more than they have done otherwise. The new presentation structure has moved us from information sharing to persuasion. “

Vice President – Sales

“Thanks for the help with my presentation..It went better than I thought.  Actually got a standing ovation!  Never had that happen before.  Your work and assistance with my presentation made the difference.  Taking my prep work and turning it into something that I could deliver and the audience appreciated was masterful.  And you did that in one day. All I can say is it was brilliant in format and style!  Thanks again!”

Corporate Account Manager

“I remember the first time I had the opportunity to work with Joe on a sales presentation he asked me to bring a current presentation that I was giving as a start point.  Right before I opened the presentation for him to review he asked how attached I was to this presentation because we were about to totally change it. Joe taught me the importance of knowing who my audience is and speak to them about what is important to them rather than what is important to me. I often get compliments on my presentation now.  I recall recently one customer came, up to me and said “thanks for making your presentation about us”…I think that is the highest compliment you can hope for.”

Field Marketer – North America

“While I considered myself above average in building presentations, in working with Joe he showed me there is a whole other level to operate. Building your presentation based on a well thought through key message, chunks to help anchor your content, sticky notes exercise to find the optimal flow, stories to hit your audience in the heart and even actual slide design. Joe is patient yet persistent, generous with his time and has a sharp mind to distill something to its core. The impact was clear: I never had so many compliments on my presentation. I am a convert.”


Regional Sales Director

“I found my presentation coaching session with Joe extremely helpful. Joe’s approach to presentation design provides a concise, organized and meaningful conceptual framework to capture and hold the attention of the target audience. Boiling down the content to three manageable and audience-focused chunks was a useful exercise to analyze the messaging and focus on the most effective and powerful content.

Joe’s skill at Powerpoint was key to creating powerful, memorable visuals that reinforced key messaging and brought interest and emotion to the content. Feedback post presentation reinforced that the key messages were clearly understood and remembered.”

National Training Specialist

“Joe is beyond creative. He mentored me with my last high level job interview presentation and I blew them out of the water (and got the job)! His practical, methodical approach led me to find my message and then send it with the SPARK that set me apart.”

Marketing Director

“Thanks again for your help and again my presentation was well received. Sticking to telling a story during my presentation was a success. The round-table of interviewers (VP, Sr. Directors and Directors) all commented how they all liked my presentation and commented that it showed I was well prepared.”