Send me your presentation

If someone asks me to “send them my presentation” I must apologize for not videoing it. A presentation is a live event, like a play or concert. If I didn’t video record it, I can’t send it to you. The slides (the support visuals) are only a component of the presentation. A presentation is an interesting, focused, memorable experience you create for an audience. The slides (support visuals) are there for amplification, clarification and perhaps some decoration, but they are not the presentation.

A presentation is much like a play. The scenery is not the play, the script is not the play, the actors (by themselves) are not the play. The play is a combination of all these things and more. A presentation, like a play, is an experience. It’s takes much more that some slides to make a memorable one. Sending you my slides doesn’t even come close to experiencing my presentation.

I help you get beyond these myths, and get into the world of interesting, focused, memorable presentations.

Workshops and one on one coaching.

Joe Pops