One of the lessons we presenters can take away from the performing arts is about preparation. I have the amazing opportunity to work with a classical music home concert series ( ). One of the things you notice being around professional musicians is their commitment to preparation. I say they are in a state of perpetual preparation. I think this is true for any of the performing arts. While our presentations aren’t performances, a focus on preparation is one of the lessons we can take away from performers.

I am not exactly sure why, but I am a fan of musical theatre. So when I come across one of the old Hollywood musicals I’ll watch it for awhile. I recently came across the classic movie Singin’ in the Rain. One of the internet rumours about the film is that the famous dance sequence, where Gene Kelly is dancing in the rain, was adlibbed. This is hard to believe given the perfection and complexity of the sequence. You can be the judge, it’s attached below. What’s much easier to believe is that they rehearsed the hell out of it.

Apparently the true story is that there were months of preparation/rehearsing and days of shooting to put together the just over 4 minute iconic piece of movie history. This makes sense to me, professional performers have that huge commitment to preparation. 

Singin’ in the Rain is considered by some people to be the best musical ever made. It certainly would be a  challenge to give the best presentation ever delivered. But with a commitment to your preparation, you can deliver the best presentation you have ever done. Maybe you can deliver a Presentin’ in the Rain level presentation? I would be happy to help you with that.

Joe Pops