“The biggest mistake made by most sales professionals in the field today is that our presentations have become too informative rather than persuasive.”

Terri Sjodin- Sjodin Communications

 Most sales people do not give “sales” presentations

Presentations typically fall into one of three categories across the presentation type spectrum, informative, persuasive or a mix of the two. Most sales people give informative/product presentations (often designed by the marketing department), with lots of information and little to no persuasive elements – this can make them boring when they need to be interesting and persuasive.

Many sales people feel that something is missing from their presentations. They know that the goal of a sales presentation is to persuade a potential customer to move to the next step in the buying process, not only to inform them about a product or service. The challenge they face is that they often have little or no training in the presentation design skills required to fill in what they feel is missing.

The “core” message

The most effective sales presentations are designed around a single clear “core” message, one clear memorable reason, that’s different from your competitor, which moves your potential customer forward in the buying cycle.  Designing Sales Presentations is built on two concepts; that every element of a sales presentation can be made more persuasive and that each of those elements needs to be crafted to support the core message.

A great sales presentation

In a survey done of sales people across North America – over 80% of them believed that the sales presentation was either “very important” to “mission critical” to the sales process. A great sales presentation can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing the sale.

Designing Sales Presentations: Refuse to be Boring is about introducing sales professionals to the basic elements used in designing great sales presentations, presentations that capture hearts and minds.

Joe Pops

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