I just wrapped up a Win Your Presentation workshop with a leading brand. The audience was a very dynamic group of business professionals. Like any workshop facilitator I handed out my evaluation form at the end of the session. But when you run under the flag of “Refuse to be Boring” you can’t let the last interaction with the audience be a boring form. So, I took a risk.
My form does have the typical workshop evaluation questions, but I “closed” with something a little creative. I asked the audience to answer the final question in crayon. I asked a group of corporate business professionals to colour the answer to the last question. What was the question?
6) Overall, how did the day go for you? (please use the crayons in your answer 🙂
I admit it was an experiment. I ignored my fear of looking silly and took the risk that even business pros could have a little fun with it. I supplied the crayons and fun they did have. Here are some of their “answers”.
One answer stood out for me. It was the pot of gold answer. The “artist” identified himself at the post workshop team dinner I was invited to. He said that he thought the kind of presentation skills I was talking about would be a pot of gold for him. Yes, transitioning from traditional bullet list, text-based presentations to creative, modern, message driven presentations will make you much more impactful. And being impactful when you are selling an idea, product or service will make you more successful.
His creative answer to my evaluation question indicated to me that he might just be headed for a pot of gold. I hope I get to see what he and his team comes up with.
Joe Pops

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