One size 3 There was a question posted by Craig Preston (Saratech Inc) on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago.  He asked, “Why do sales people modify their slide presentation instead of using the one prepared for them?”

I think sales people modify the presentations provided by marketing because they are typically product presentations, not sales presentations.  My definition of a product presentation is a presentation that is focused on a product/service; it highlights features and benefits. I believe a sales presentation is different, it goes beyond the product. It focuses on a specific audience and their situation; specifically how the product benefits them or addresses their unique requirements.  Each sales presentation is tailored to the needs of the audience.

When people who work in marketing design a presentation, they assume (for practical reasons) that the needs of each potential customer are basically the same and that they face the same challenges. Certainly, to some extent, this can be true. However each sales situation is unique, as are the customers and their issues/challenges.  For this reason you must know each of your customers and their circumstances.

Your sales presentation should resonate with your customer…the only way to get the presentation to resonate is to customize it for each customer and their needs.  One size does not fit all.

What do you think?

Joe Pops

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3 Replies to “Sales vs. product presentations: one size does not fit all”

  1. I agree, Joe.
    Adding to your comments, “If there is no Pain, there is no sale.”
    The prospect must be “hurting” enough that they want to find a cure. The value of finding the cure must exceed the investment.
    Thanks for the Post!

  2. Joe,
    Next time, perhaps you could refer people to my LinkedIn profile and/or the discussion? We want people to understand that I was asking why other people thought sales people changed their presentations – and as a very successful 20+ year sales executive, already had my own opinion.
    Luckily, we actually agree that most sales presentations are marketing presentations performed by sales staff. It is the incorrect alignment of these two areas that typically make for ineffective presentations.
    I appreciate the mention…

  3. Thanks for the advice Craig – one of my goals this year is to try to do more “linking” if possible.

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