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An impactful presentation can be a major force in selling a product, service or an idea. They can launch successful ventures and help move projects, and even companies, forward. Presentations are one of the most common business communication tools, yet most business professionals have little to no training in modern presentation design/delivery.  Great presentation skills can give a company or an individual, a “competitive advantage”.

Modern presentation design/delivery techniques put you in a position to “win” your presentation. Winning your presentation means making an impact, having your message remembered…especially at decision making time.

R2BB Webinar Series

The series is focused on helping you create and deliver focused, interesting and above all else, memorable presentations. The webinar series includes  6 weekly webinars (1 hour to 45 mins each) with optional one-on-one coaching sessions. The webinars review key components from the 4 groups of modern presentation design elements: Structural, Visual, Emotional and Theatrical.

The main goal of the series is to equip you with skills/knowledge in modern presentation design and delivery.  The things you need to get the most impact from your presentations.  Moving you away from lecturing and towards engaged communication, giving you a competitive advantage.

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