My study of presentation design began in 2007.  The first books I read were Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds and Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte.  Both these books focused on slide design, so, to apply what I was learning I began to re-work the slides I use in my corporate presentations. This led me to discover the many capabilities of PowerPoint. (I believe that most people use the templates provided and do not have the time or opportunity to explore the vast array of options available to them.)

I discovered that PowerPoint is such a useful/powerful tool that I began to use it to do posters and promotional materials for a charity I am involved with.  This led to requests from other non-profit groups for posters for fundraisers, Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards and even some logos.  Although I am not a graphic designer, I really enjoy this artistic outlet.

To illustrate some of what can be done with time and creativity; I have uploaded some of my most popular work for the non-profit sector on my Pinterest account.

I have often heard the expression “death by PowerPoint”, I am enjoying the flip side – “life by PowerPoint”.

Joe Pops

Refuse to be boring