Our species has communicated through audiovisual means for at least 30,000 years; some cave paintings are estimated to be that old. These simple paintings were part of a story or a message that people shared.  Consider how information is shared today… is it simple and clear? Do we need a revolution?

It has been said that there is a “presentation revolution” happening.  Some people are moving from “Death by PowerPoint” to a style of presentation which helps us communicate with more clarity, to boost understanding.

Or are we (r)evolving? Is the presentation revolution taking us full circle?  Are we are revolving back to using basic diagrams and simple imagery to enhance the understanding of our stories and messages, just like our ancestors have done for millennia?

I think so.

Joe Pops

Join the revolution

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  1. This looks great Joe – nice work. It is a good reminder that it helps to keep things simple in this crazy society/culture. Looking forward to seeing more.

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