I provide both group and one on one coaching in presentation design and delivery. My Win Your Presentation workshop is focused on helping you and your team create and deliver focused, interesting, and above all else, memorable presentations.  For information on individual coaching please contact me. 

The Win Your Presentation Workshop
Pre Workshop 
I do a pre-workshop survey of all participants to help customize the workshop to meet individual learning needs.  I also interview the workshop organizer and key participants to ensure their key goals are met.
The workshops are designed for groups of 6 – 12 individuals.  The material is designed for people who create their own presentations or modify presentations that are created for them.
The Workshop
These one or two day workshops are designed to be an interactive day(s) of learning and exploring.  Each workshop goes through the 4 groups of presentation elements.  The workshop includes individual and group activities as well as discussions and presentation analysis. I use PowerPoint for creating my presentation visuals. However, software training is not a focus of the Win Your Presentation workshops.
The workshop includes a copy of my 50 page Win Your Presentation e-book.
Post Workshop
Included in the workshop are post workshop review sessions. These sessions can be done via Skype or another online communication tool.  In the sessions individual progress is reviewed and questions are answered.  I do a maximum of 3 review sessions per workshop participant. 
Build A Door – Keynote style presentation suitable for conferences and meetings (45 minutes)

In the words of famous comedian Milton Berle, If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Build A Door introduces key elements of presentation design and delivery that enable people to be more effective presenters. Effective presenters have opportunities to make an impact in the workplace and beyond.

For many people presentation skills are fundamental to their success.  But these skills are also a door. A door that you can walk through to maximize your opportunities. But to build your door you have to refuse to be boring.

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