Why not put an end to boring communication?

Here is where I share my ideas and comments about human to human communication. I am mainly interested in communication in a organizational setting. My primary focus is on presentation design and delivery. But I will also be exploring storytelling, writing and some basic design principals. These seem to be undervalued areas of communication in our organizations.
I focus on sales presentations at my Win Your Presentation site. So if you are selling an idea, product or service you may want to check that site out as well.
I belief that organizations that communicate better perform better. Boring ourselves, our clients or customers is not OK anymore. Please let me know what you think. I am always interested in new perspectives.

Joe Pops


How you can kick the CRAP out of (or is that into?) your presentation visuals.


Robin Williams (the designer and Shakespeare aficionado – not the comedian) has written two books on graphic design. The books are full of tips and insights that will take your presentation visuals to the next level. She created The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book for people who create their own presentation visuals (slides).   It walks you through creating slides using professional design concepts.  I highly recommend it.
Her other book is the Non Designer Design Book.  This book is for people who need to design professional looking documents. It’s targeted at people who have no background or formal training in graphic design. People who from time to time need to put together things like newsletters and pamphlets. It’s for anyone who understands that an attractive document gets more attention.
In this book she introduces the basic design concepts that spell the rather interesting acronym CRAP. The acronym stands for contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity.  I believe that your slides need to have CRAP. These design concepts generally used in documents also work for slides.
Check out either or both of her books. The tips and knowledge will help you create much more impactful presentation visuals.

Joe Pops


The R2BB Story


A better way.

One day in 2007 I walked out of a hospital board room into a busy hallway and stopped dead in my tracks. I realized I had just experienced one of the most boring presentations ever. The problem was…I was the presenter!

I had bored myself, never mind my poor audience. There had to be a better way.

You learn to deliver great presentations.

Since that day in 2007 I have become a student and passionate advocate of the “art of the presentation”. I soon realized that designing and delivering an interesting, focused, memorable presentation was a skill you learned. It wasn’t a magical ability that people somehow had. Being able to design and deliver an impactful presentation is a skill every business (or other) professional needs to master.

On a mission.

During my travels I have met large numbers of experienced, talented people who believe that presentations are critical to their success but have almost no training in presentation design or delivery. I am on a mission to change that; I want to share what I have learned with others.

Since 2008 I have done presentations on presentation design/delivery at national and local conferences and have given presentation design/delivery workshops around the world. I have had the opportunity to work with many individuals and teams as they designed (and delivered) impactful presentations for their audiences. I enjoy hearing other’s experiences, and sharing  insights on how (and why) to design and deliver interesting, focused, and memorable presentations.

Presentations don’t have to be boring.

Joe Pops