When you want to improve your current presentation visuals, following 3 simple guidelines (all based on the number 3) can make a difference.

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Some of the complaints about presentation visuals are that there are too many words to read on the slide and that the words are too hard to see.  While I am not a fan of using many words on slides, you may not have the time to redesign your existing slides, to replace words with images. So, here are 3 simple guidelines to follow to improve your current slides.

3 is the limit

Limit yourself to 3 or fewer font sizes throughout your presentation. This guideline also applies to font types and colors: use no more than 3 different fonts and font colors in your presentation.

30 or greater

Use a font size of 30 points for the minimum size of text on a slide. If a presentation designer includes lots of text on a slide, they will often reduce the font size so everything fits; this can make parts of the slide virtually unreadable by the audience.  Note: by using this guideline you may have to break the information up over several slides (see my previous post – Practical tips for a simple slide makeover).

3 seconds

Use the billboard rule (which I’ve mentioned before).  Make sure the audience can read your slide in 3 seconds.

Using these 3 simple guidelines when you update an existing presentation (or design a new presentation) should make it easier for your audience to follow along.

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