You’ve been working on the project for months. And now you finally get to make your big presentation.  Is this the time for an ordinary presentation? Is “good” going to be good enough?  

Step out of the ordinary

In front of a hushed crowd of 80,000 people he rocked back and forth at his starting position. He was searching for the moment when he knew he would clear the height. The fans at the 1968 Olympic Games didn’t know they were about to witness a new Olympic record. Not only that, but witness the complete revolution of a sport. Before his jumps in at the 1968 Olympics the world hadn’t heard of Dick Fosbury.

At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City Dick Fosbury took the gold medal and set a new Olympic record for the high jump. He did it by going over the bar backwards. The crowd gasped because they had never seen anyone go over the bar backwards before. It seems that Dick just got tired of being ordinary and went out and pioneered a new way. He completely changed his style and his “Fosbury Flop” completely changed the sport of high jumping.

Changing your presentation style may feel like going over the bar backwards. It will be new and different. But using a new style will be impactful. Every high jump Olympic medalist since 1976 has gone over the bar backwards. Maybe it’s time you stepped out of the ordinary?

I would like to share with you what I have learned by giving hundreds of presentations. For over 10 years I have worked at delivering “winning” presentations. Presentations that are more interesting, more focused and more memorable than what or who you are competing against.

I’ve given dozens of workshops on presentation design and delivery to business professionals around the world.  Working with you and/or your team in a coaching, consulting or even creating role, I can help you take the next steps past ordinary.

If you’re ready to go over the bar backwards, to step out of the ordinary… Start Here