Why improve your presentation skills?

I created Refuse to Be Boring because I have watched too many interesting, intelligent people walk up to the front of the room and bore the pants off their audience. The reason their presentations were boring was not because they didn’t have anything important to say. It was because they had almost no training in a fundamental skill set.

The problem with a boring presentation is that it is forgettable. When a presentation isn’t memorable it’s not effective. It doesn’t make an impact. We know that effective communication is a key to success in many fields. We also know that presentations are still one of the most common communication tools used today.

The training and consulting I do is based on the most current presentation techniques. I have organized these techniques into 4 groups of presentation elements. By using techniques and concepts from these groups you can create and deliver more memorable presentations. Memorable presentations are effective; they make an impact.

If you believe that effective presentations are important to your success, then I think you only have one option… refuse to be boring.